Recent projects. Cases of the digital marketing agency

Online shop selling electric scooters.

We have built a website on OpenCart 3.0 with an exclusive design. Then we’ve filled it with content and products, made product filtering according to different criteria.

Initial SEO setup. Then we have set up custom metrics in Google and Yandex. Added products ads to Google Shopping, run contextual advertising campaign in Google and Yandex. Set up retargeting and remarketing.

Price for website: $350.

Price for marketing campaign: $100.


Creating and promoting online shop selling mobile phones.

Website development on OpenCart platform. Adding content and products to the website. Listing on the marketplaces, contextual advertising of products with low-frequency queries. The initial website promotion and messaging the clients who are in database using bot.

Website development from $300.

Marketing campaign from $200.

Development of adaptive layout of online shop.

Development of mobile version of OpenCart website. Setting up an adaptive mobile version of the existing website and listing 3,000 products using bot.

Mobile version: $100.

Products listing: $100.

Website promotion and advertising the company producing sensory equipment.

We’ve performed website and target audience analysis. Listing on trading platforms, contextual advertising setup. Initial SEO promotion of the website.

Website analysis: $30.

Listing on trading platforms: $120.

Contextual advertising setup: $120.