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The first and the main rule is: websites shouldn’t be created by programmers, but by digital marketing managers and web specialists! Only digital marketing manager knows how website should work in order to bring income.

The second rule is: a website should be based on a good, popular and famous CMS. It would provide a correct architecture and source code, and, as a result, fast loading of a webpage. In the future, any specialist will be able to work with your website, and there are also plenty of tools and solutions to use.

Product catalogue on WordPress from $150

Online shop on OpenCart from $300

An aggregator website on WordPress from $500

Contextual advertising has different strategies, they are closely related to products and the company itself; it’s important to know and understand that. Together with you, we determine the best strategy and run the ad campaign that would increase conversions.

Besides search engine advertising, there are plenty of other kinds of advertising in Google and Yandex, such as: banner advertising, remarketing and retargeting, video, geotargeted advertising and many others. We can also use marketing analytics tools for tracking efficiency of the marketing campaign.

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Everyone wants to be highly ranked by the search engine, and we do too. But there are plenty of other websites, besides ours, that are both of good and bad quality. Search engines evaluate the quality of website for users and its popularity on the Internet basing on multiple aspects.

For that you would need an internal website optimization that unites technical and contextual optimization. The second step involves external factors of ranking, mentions and credibility of your website. It is simply impossible to make all that fast, because search engines have specific algorithms of websites performance.

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The speed of page loading on CMS OpenCart is an important criterion for website efficiency. Mostly it is done to improve the statistics for search robots.

There’s also another prominent advantage. The speed of OpenCart is related to behavioural factors that have lots of influence on website ranking in search results. The users would be satisfied with the speed of website work.

Speeding up Opencart website from $30

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There are several factors that form the success rate of each online shop. It mostly depends on website usability, performance speed, quality of content, internal optimization, presence of plugins. OpenCart is a popular platform for creating shops on the Internet. The amount of CMS functions is enormous. And in order to use them on their maximum, it’s necessary to make correct configurations. We provide service that helps in improving your OpenCart website and can be ordered at any stage of your web portal creating.

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Improving WordPress website from $15

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