Improving OpenCart website

There are several factors that form the success rate of each online shop. It mostly depends on website usability, performance speed, quality of content, internal optimization, presence of plugins. OpenCart is a popular platform for creating shops on the Internet. The amount of CMS functions is enormous. And in order to use them on their maximum, it’s necessary to make correct configurations. We provide service that helps in improving your OpenCart website and can be ordered at any stage of your web portal creating.

Hear from an Expert


Consulting — includes consulting on setup and running, correcting mistakes.

Full setup — includes complete setup and editing by our specialist.

Consulting starts from $15/hour

Full setup starts from $15/hour

How much time do specialists need to solve the tasks?

Code editing

Code editing of 2-3 webpages takes 2 hours;

Plugin installation

Installation and setup of new plugins and templates requires up to 2 hours.

Development of new functions

Development of additional functionality, such as custom calculator or other elements, takes up to 5 hours.

Professional web-developer

Each specific task has its own final price. It’s hard to determine the final price of a service immediately. Although, we’ve already determined several prices for our services, due to previous experience in performing these kinds of work.

Starting price of improving online shop built on OpenCart is 50 USD. This is the cost of minimal amount of modifications. The final price for each client we can name only after getting acquainted with the list of tasks. Anyway, this service would be significantly cheaper than developing a brand new website.

What a client should provide in order for us to start working

n order to start improving OpenCart website, our specialists need access to web hosting. Another important aspect is an agreement. It’s better to make an agreement for one year. In this case, developers can start improving website immediately and don’t waste time on making an agreement between a client and a performer.

What our developers can do

Our experienced specialists can perform more than 100 kinds of different tasks. Among them:

  • Editing mistakes in source code of online shop;
  • Installation and further setup of templates and CSM themes;
  • Installation and setup of additional plugins and widgets;
  • Adding texts, photos, documents and other content to the website;
    This list of services is far from being complete, because our developers can do much more.
  • Setting up website color scheme, fonts, background, logo;
  • Changing design;
  • Creating a feedback form; website navigation, slider, photo gallery, etc;
  • Removing internal duplicate content of the portal that was automatically created during the work with a platform;
  • Optimizing webpages according to Yandex and Google algorithms;
  • Detecting and deleting malicious scripts and viruses;
  • Creating and setup of filters for products catalogue;
  • Installing SSL certificate;
  • Speeding up the work of website;
  • Creating mobile version of existing online shop.
  • and much more…

We recommend to seek professional help

We will gladly answer all your questions, recommend the most effective plan. We’ll give advice on the correct steps to make. Leave as detailed information as possible, add your expectations and we will contact you.

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