Best Marketing Movies

Our society values marketing very much and is directly dependent on it. Probably, never so much as in the 21st century, success has not been associated with popularity, the ability to sell, find your target market. And, of course, this topic has not bypassed the film industry either. We present to your attention the TOP of the best, in our opinion, films about marketing and successful people who have reached its Olympus.

1. Wag the Dog (1997)

A film about working with a reputation and jambs 🙂

The idea is that you can instill any thought in a person, although this is not always correct from the moral. The film shows how to do this in a difficult unfortunate situation

About sex scandal associated with the US president, emergency situations specialist Konrad Brin is urgently called. Brin decides to stage a small war and, in turn, enlists renowned Hollywood producer Stanley Mots.

Together they organize shows on a global scale with a truly Hollywood scale! Well, Stanley Mots could not miss this rare chance to satisfy his professional ambitions!

2. Mad Men (TV series 2007-2015)

A lot of awards. 1960s. The story centers on the work of the Sterling-Cooper advertising agency, located on the prestigious Madison Avenue and master of manipulation and intrigue – Don Draper. Service and family ups and downs of Don and his colleagues are taking place against the global events in the life of American society…

3. The Greatest Movie EverSold (2011)

A documentary about brands, advertising and product placement, whose existence and capitalization would not have been possible without brands in the cinema.

4. ThankYou for Smoking (2005)

Nick Naylor’s job is not easy. It would seem absurd: to come into conflict with ardent opponents of smoking . But that’s Nick’s job. And he achieved considerable results in it, agitating everyone to smoke in promoting cigarettes in films. However, Nick himself never considered smoking as any useful occupation. He spins cigarettes so that there is something to live on and raise his son.

The main character’s job is to lobby for smoking. It’s like swimming against the tide when the Tsunami is coming at you. Unfortunately, the original novel is pretty much distorted.

5. House Cards (2013-2018)

Some may be surprised now, but the bottom line is that the series is simply gorgeous showing how to conduct PR.

6. Generation P (2011)

A film based on Pelevin’s novel about marketing in the 90s in Russia.⠀

5 years filmed

7. Syrup (2011)

Not everyone liked it, but good cinema about that packaging is very important.

8. Czech Dream (2004)

We would say this is beginner’s manual to advertisers and the ethics of the profession.

9. 99 francs (2007)

This is a classic of films about marketing, from the entire list you should probably put it in 1st place

10. The Century Self (2002)

Cinema about influence of instincts on behavior.

11. Art & Copy (2009)

Recommended for inspiration. Explains creativity in advertising.

Well, you can see about Jobs MANY, MANY FILMS, if you haven’t had time yet 🙂 For example, Steve Jobs (2015) or Jobs (2013).

We wish you a pleasant viewing!

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