A proper website management improves annual statistics by 120% and more.

Julimi Marketing Agency

92% of website owners aren’t very good at them. I, for example, own a car for 10 years and I’m not good at it, that’s normal. When I need a repair/purchase/recommendation I seek the help of professionals.

10 years is the amount of time that we’ve spent creating and promoting websites on the Internet. During this period we have hacked/repaired/developed plenty of websites. And we’ve spent much  more of our own money and time doing that, so now we know the exact way to make your website bring you money.

Digital marketing is a set of services

Website development

We will create a cool website based on OpenCart and WordPress or on Tilda, Bitrix. An individual design and adaptive layout.

SEO promotion

Website promotion campaign is hard to predict, but our 10+ years experience and hard work allow to achieve great results

PPC advertising

We’ll launch a quality campaign, perform A/B tests, make edits again. We’ll get the best possible result.

Digital marketing manager

Hi, my name is Nikolai and I would be working on your project. I’m very good at making websites bring profits to the owners.

Web specialist

Hi, I’m Sergei, a person who has been developing websites for 15 years, and tomorrow I will be developing them too. The next website would be perfect.

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